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Database Upgrades

At Zip-Code-Databases.com we offer database upgrades to any upgradeable type package we offer. To qualify for a database upgrade you must have already purchased a database package from us in the past at any time. For example - You purchased a usa basic zip code database at any time in the past and you would like to upgrade your package to the usa deluxe or ultimate zip code databases, you will only have to pay the difference in price between your original payment price and the new upgraded package.

How to use:

- You do not have to contact us prior to purchasing to qualify for this offer. You can simply place an order for the upgraded database and then contact us directly after your payment has been processed. We will then look up both of your orders to confirm that you placed 2 different orders and we will refund you the difference between the 2 packages within 24 hours.


- You are only permitted a maximum of 2 database upgrades.

- Upgrades are only allowed if the first package was purchased using the same name. Address and/or email addresses do not apply. Both orders must be placed by the same first and last name to qualify.

- Database upgrades do not apply to products that we only offer 1 package for. For example: We only offer 1 package for a 2010 census data, so this package is not upgradable.

- You are also not permited to mix packages such as purchasing a usa basic zip code database and then ordering a canada deluxe zip code database, you must upgrade only the same type of package you originally ordered.

If you have any questions regarding our database upgrades or you simply want to verify that you are eligible for this offer please feel free to contact us.

Terms of Service

- Your database is instantly available for download after purchase.

- You purchase is good for (1) License of use for the database(s) purchased.

- If for ANY reason that an error occurs during download, you need to contact us within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will verify your order and email you a copy of the files.

- If you contact us after 30 days, you will need to re-purchase your software through us again. The reason for this is because we update our lists monthly and we do not issue updates for free.

- Your purchase is good for YOU only, not friends, family, neighbor across the street etc...

- You are free to use the data personally and for public use on websites/blogs as a live resource. As an example: www.fuelprices.net uses our zip code data, however they are not offering a download link to download the database files, which is perfectly acceptable.

- You are NOT allowed to sell, rent or lease the data in whole or in seperate files. ( our system automatically detects this )

- You are NOT allowed to give the data away for free or as a free download. ( our system automatically detects this )

For a better explanation of your license rights for this database data please go to our license rights page.

Instant Downloads

Upon purchasing your database, you will be instantly prompted to download it immediately. There is no waiting for shipping, you can download it straight to your computer.

All databases come in CSV and XLS file formats. If you require a different file format, please contact us and we may be able to get it for you!

Database Upgrades

Have you purchased a database from us in the past? If so, we now offer database upgrades. For example, if you bought a usa basic zip code database from us in the past and you want to upgrade to the usa ultimate zip code database, you only have to pay the difference in price. See ourPoliciespage for details.

Have a Question?

We respond to all questions/concerns within 24 hours. To contact us please go through our contact form.

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